Very soon it starts to smell like snow again….
Then on the 17.8.12 I arrive in Auckland NZ, and it’s WINTER down under!
The season for us freeride competitors started already a few weeks ago! More infos:
There will be a FWQ*** on the North Island for snowboarders, which I’m going to do in September to gain some points for the FWQ Ranking. The goal for this winter is to finish amongst the first 3. And get back in the FWT.
The competition is gonna be on a vulcano – a new event environment for me! NZ is full of vulcanos.
There are as well two FWQ** events on the South Island. I really hope there is gonna be enough snow to have a good big mountain competition and not too much wind (like last winter in some parts in the alps). And riding on rocks is not fun either!
Here’s the picture of Mt Ruapehu where the competition will happen at the ski station with a beautiful name of Whakapapa.
Last time I was riding in NZ in 2004, in Wanaka and Queenstown on the South Island.
The first week I’m gonna focus on getting back in shape, as I worked as carpenter this spring/summer at home and couldn’t find time to train much. And there are still some old injurys from last season and a left shoulder which needs some muscle building.
Then on the 25. of October I’ll come back to Switzerland. Here’s a nice video link about riding in NZ: 

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