It was a trip to mark the end of this special winterseason 2010/2011:
Riding the hole winter with the Freerideworldtour on the planet, meeting great people, spending unforgedebal moments, riding deep russian powder, crossing bad snowconditions in the alps, beeing in a hurry for the travel, driving my loved car to a piece of scrap iron, stressing to get down to the finish gate, drying clothes next to a fire because of the rain on mt. baker and living a dream…but back to Arctix.

A FWT judge I like was organising the event. Nature, no skilifts, heliski, hiking, living with a bunch of riders in a hidden vally fare north of Norway.
Soon coming more of this great experiance up in the north with snow and the northen lights!

Here a video on youtube:

sleeping in the iglu with the aurora borealis
the hut in the hidden vally-our home
hiking on the new panorama splitboard from K2….sick!!
getting strong for the viking adventure…pasta with raw egg
Anne-Flore Marxer having fun with her new promodel board
on the arrival from the windowseat
on the other side of the plane more mountains …and water
going for the first flight after waiting..waiting
is this real….%)
Aurora Borealis – Northern lights at Arctix
wana shop or life the adventure?
wikings are living in Norway
with friends on a hike late afternoon
the hidden vally
pick a peak!
or chose a couloir!

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